Saturday, October 22, 2011

MLS Real Estate Housing Statistics - Fall 2011

Are you a home owner thinking of Selling your Durham Region area property?  Are you wondering about the current market or when the best time would be to put the "For Sale" sign up?  Maybe your are planning on Buying and investing in your own home and are curious to know about the current market in Whitby, Brooklin, Oshawa or other areas in the Region of Durham, Ontario?  Whether you are looking to Sell, Buy or simply interested in keeping up to date on the Durham Region housing market, the following data may be beneficial to you.

So far, the Autumn season Durham Region Real Estate market on the whole has been strong.  With over 223 more active listings out there this month compared to last month, buyers finally have more homes to choose from, equalling the housing market playing field somewhat.  A good indicator of which way the housing market is leaning is to compare home sales to newly listed homes, called the "sales to new listings" ratio.  September sales to new listing ratio is at 55%, indicating a...READ MORE

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