Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Early end to the energy audit rebate program

After 250,000 energy conscious home owners received rebates of up to $5,000 each since 2007, the Canadian government has decided to pull the ‘ECO-plug’ by cancelling the eco-Energy Retrofit program early. 

This is a disappointing announcement for homeowners who are considering going to a greener option with their home updates of items such as windows, heating, a/c, insulation, etc. 

Many of my clients have taken part in the program and found it to be a big financial help.  Let’s face it, these type of updates are not really for aesthetic purposes and don’t make your home look like it belongs in a magazine so, it is difficult to imagine spending the kind of money needed for new windows, roof, and so on.    

Of course we can still make these earth positive changes by investing in energy saving products for the home on our own however, without the nudge of a rebate, many folks may opt to postpone this type of  renovation to the home to a later date...or not do them at all.

If you are a home owner who has already had your initial energy audit and the renovation work is underway and will be completed on or before March, 31, 2012, you should still be able to submit post retrofit application up to June 30th for your rebate funding.

If you are a home owner who was thinking of taking part in the eco-Energy Retrofit program in future, sadly, you have missed out.

More information on the Energy Audit Rebate Program

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